Planning straightforward by cross-linking. Why not?

“Ultra line” is the name of an innovative range of high-performance crosslinkers made by Covestro. As an advancement of existing products, it replaces a large part of our portfolio – keeping the quality up and your business future-ready.
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A new standard for industrial hygiene – without any compromise

The new ultra line – pretty straightforward:

High quality: meeting future regulations already today.
Durable: with a residual monomer content below 0.1%.
Safe: improving industrial hygiene as well as workplace safety.

Advancing by persisting. Continuous process improvements for products you can rely on.

Our ultra line products are not just state-of-the-art, they are technically equivalent to our existing products. Successfully tested over the past and compared with the former status quo, the quality of the product range has not changed in any way – except for the residual monomer content specification. Ultra line can be used in the same broad range of applications as its Desmodur® and Bayhydur® predecessors.

The new ultra line – an easy drop-in solution

Our ultra line products enable coating and adhesive manufacturers to offer both better working hygiene standards as well as high performance to their customers.  Because our ultra line products are technically equivalent to our existing portfolio, coating and adhesive manufacturers do not need new technical approval from their customers.

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