Making material strides with new TPU grades for healthcare applications

Biocompatibility, chemical resistance and clarity are just a few of the key properties that many healthcare applications demand. As we continue to bring innovative materials to the market, we introduced three new Texin® Rx thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) grades that check these boxes and more.
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Texin® Rx grades deliver the right properties

TPUs offer a unique combination of properties that bridge the gap between rubber and hard thermoplastics. These versatile materials are high-wear and abrasion resistant, highly elastic, and exhibit low temperature flexibility.
Our Texin® TPUs build on the traditional properties of TPUs with added benefits that are important to healthcare applications. Now, our expanded Texin® Rx grades portfolio  gives OEMs even more material options that meet their needs.
OEMs looking for an ultra-resistant material can turn to Texin® RxT76D. This durable and rigid TPU offers excellent chemical resistance to many of the cleaning agents used to minimize hospital-acquired infections. It also has a nominal flexural modulus of 215,000 psi, and can be used in medical device and component housings as well as connectors.
Another recent addition to the Texin® Rx product family, polyester-based Texin® RxS292, features excellent clarity and chemical resistance. It can be used for overmolding onto a rigid substrate for soft touch grips, and in extrusion applications for tubing and wound care.  
Lastly, Texin® RxT80A—an 80 Shore A polyether-based TPU—exhibits excellent clarity, extrusion characteristics  and hydrolysis resistance. This high-performing grade can be used in reinforced and multi-lumen tubing, and transdermal applications.

Compatibility across the board

All commercial Texin® Rx grades are compatible with many other plastics as a modifier to enhance particular end-use properties in a plastic compound for healthcare applications. 
Additionally, they meet important biocompatibility test requirements for ISO 10993-1: Biological Evaluation of Healthcare Devices, including the following categories:
Skin contact
Up to 24 hours contact with circulating blood, tissue, bone and dentin
Up to 30 days contact with mucosal membrane, compromised surfaces and blood path
Texin® is a registered trademark of the Covestro Group.

Our new Texin® Rx grades build on the traditional properties of TPUs with added benefits that can help healthcare OEMs check the boxes for their applications.

Gary Sandhu

Sales & Business Development Manager, North America

Key Benefits

  • Biocompatibility Meets certain biocompatibility test requirements for ISO 10993-1.
  • Chemical resistance Withstands chemicals, lipids, cleaning agents and bacteria.
  • Clarity Offers excellent clarity for enhanced visual observation.

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