Covestro Interactive: digital support on site for our customers

Suppliers are under enormous pressure to deliver exactly on schedule. Even a minor production issue can create significant challenges for on-time delivery. Therefore, we offer a browser-based online helpdesk to provide quick, remote technical engineering customer assistance in production and engineering design.
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Remote engineering technical customer assistance and production troubleshooting made easy 

With Covestro Interactive, customers requiring technical support with their plant equipment or encountering engineering design issues with their applications can discuss their issues with us by using the audio and video function. This allows customers to capture images and videos and share them in real time with a technical Covestro customer engineering representative. For added clarity, the customer can even modify taken pictures with hand drawings, so we can swiftly understand precisely where the issue lies. Additionally, documents can be uploaded and modified as well by both parties during the correspondence.

This means that we can now provide fast, short-term technical assistance in engineering processing and design and production troubleshooting for our customers remotely. Companies limited by travel restrictions can still get assistance with technical problems immediately. Shifting the process to digital also eliminates the travel time, with the added environmental bonus of lower emissions. 

Online interaction with full privacy and security  

Considering the recent privacy controversies with online video solutions, we have built strict safeguards into the Covestro Interactive tool. All online conversations take place live. In settings, a user can opt to delete the videos and pictures at the end of the session. No app data is held on third-party servers, so critical information remains secure.

This solution represents an important innovation that significantly shaves our response time for customers facing urgent production issues.

“In the current situation, it is difficult to support our customers on site, but using the new help desk solution, we try to close the gap to our customers in these challenging and difficult times. And even after Corona we will have a tool to directly find and offer solutions together with our customers.”

Dr. Birgit Meyer zu Berstenhorst

Head of Business Development PUR EMEA Covestro

Key Benefits

  • Fast engineering technical customer assistance and production troubleshooting:  If a production problem arises, we can swiftly determine where the issue lies.
  • Quick and flexible remote help:  Even with COVID-19 travel restrictions in place, we can assist you immediately.
  • Private:  In settings, you can opt for images and video to be deleted at session close.
  • Secure:  App data is never stored on a third-party server.
  • Ecological:  Traveling might be reduced due to better preparation or solving problems online.

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