Low unreacted TDI prepolymers: Easier processing with improved performance

Desmodur® low unreacted TDI-based systems provide a high level of resilience and a high load bearing capacity. This is because the more ordered structure of Desmodur® low unreacted TDI-based prepolymers allows the formation of polyurethane cast elastomers with morphologies that provide higher performance, particularly in extreme environments.
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Polyisocyanates for a wide range of PU foams, coatings and adhesives

Prepared by reacting diisocyanates with long-chain polyols and short-chain extenders, our Desmodur® low unreacted TDI prepolymers for hot-cast polyurethanes allow easier and safer processing paired with improved dynamic properties. By varying each component, the properties of polyurethane elastomers can be tuned to the needs of specific applications. From a health and safety standpoint, our Desmodur® low unreacted TDI prepolymers provide added protection for operators thanks to a free monomer content of less than 0.1%.

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By reducing worker exposure, these products can play a role in limiting health and safety issues. Compared with conventional TDI prepolymers, Desmodur® low unreacted TDI prepolymers offer a number of advantages, including: 
• Low free TDI content 
• Low viscosity 
• Long pot life 
• Outstanding dynamic properties 
Finally, processing advantages such as low viscosity and a long pot life facilitate the final stages of elastomer production.


Desmodur® LU-T based systems data sheet
Desmodur® LU-T (Blend) based systems data sheet
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