Makrolon® DQ5122 polycarbonate efficiently lights the way

Lighting OEMs face an ongoing challenge: how can they improve light output while, at the same time, reducing power consumption? Luminaire manufacturer Trevos has learned the answer lies in an innovative new line of diffusionmaterials from Covestro: Makrolon® DQ polycarbonate.
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Improve industrial LED luminaire light transmission and efficiency

The INNOVA series of luminaires from Trevos operates in tough environments. The LED chips inside these luminaires are protected against dust, water and other elements by an optical light cover.This cover is one of the key elements that influence the light quality of the luminaire. Because of this, the material selected to form the light cover is equally important and must push the boundaries of existing solutions. 
Protecting the LED chips against dust, water and other elements - an optical light cover made with Makrolon®

Develop new Makrolon® diffusion grades with higher transmission

The INNOVA light cover has two very different primary optical functions. First, it needs to diffuse and guide the light that originates from the LED chips to provide a precise lighting geometry and avoid glare. Second, it must transmit as much light as possible to guarantee high lumen output per watt. The challenge lies in finding a way to meet both of these priorities. That’s where Makrolon® diffusion grades really shine.

Makrolon® DQ5122 polycarbonate: designed for diffusion

Trevos’ use of Makrolon® DQ5122 polycarbonate improved lumen output by up to 6 percent compared to standard diffusion products at the same ability to diffuse light. For Trevos customers, this translates into improved comfort in industrial environments along with reduced energy bills—all without sacrificing light output. Optical simulations were used extensively during development of the Makrolon® DQ product line, identifying new material compositions that push this diffusion product toward the optical limit. 

We offer a combination of technical expertise and quality materials that can help the LED lighting industry meet its goals for energy efficiency and high light output.

Fabian Grote

Industrial Marketing Manager LED, Covestro

Why Makrolon® DQ5122 shines brightly for Trevos

  • Efficacy: Offers superior lumen output while reducing power consumption
  • Diffusion: Provides excellent light diffusion capability
  • Process: Offers good processability
  • Business: Offers different business strategies to position luminaires in the market

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