PUReWall™ is a win-win for builders and the environment

Worldwide, there is a growing need for energy-efficient, sustainable housing. In the United States, that demand is compounded by a shortage of skilled construction labor. We developed PUReWall™ to address these issues head on by helping move labor requirements from the job site to a production facility.
Traditional stick-built homes are constructed largely on site. But when skilled labor is hard to find, prefabricated solutions may be a viable alternative, provided that they supply consistent quality and meet increasingly stringent energy codes. We decided to develop innovative, high-quality prefabricated wall panels that would address these crucial needs of builders and homeowners. 
Our ready-to-install PUReWall™ panels provide superior strength and insulation – with less waste.

Make a strong, green, efficient panel

We were ready to rethink panel design from the ground up. That meant eliminating unnecessary materials or layers for greater sustainability and cost-effectiveness. And despite all that trimming, we sought to achieve a whole new level of strength and superior insulation properties. Ease of installation was also a must.

Create a quality alternative to stick-built construction


High-performance insulated and structural PUReWall™ panels

Our PUReWall™ panels are produced in a controlled environment and consist of a lumber frame filled with variable spray polyurethane foam (SPF) for continuous, energy-efficient insulation. The SPF formulation makes the panels strong enough for use as structural walls and rigid polyiso board on both sides provides an integrated weather barrier. PUReWall™ is ready to install and goes up as much as 75% faster than conventional methods – with less jobsite waste, for greener, more economical building.

In early 2019, we announced an exciting partnership with Hunter Panels that will bring PUReWall™ to the residential construction market.

Our ready-to-install PUReWall™ panels provide superior strength and insulation – with less waste.

Why PUReWall™ is a good fit for builders and contractors

  • Fast & easy: Ready-to-install PUReWall™ panels address the skilled labor shortage in construction.
  • Energy-efficient: Spray PU foam provides a continuous insulation layer.
  • Consistent quality: Fabricated in an environmentally controlled setting.
  • Sustainable: Uses fewer materials (e.g. plastic house wrap) and reduces jobsite waste.
  • Flexible: Insulation thickness can be adjusted to nearly any climate zone.

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