• Adhesives

Desmodur® Z 2589

Isocyanurate resin from isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI).

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Product Types

  • PIC
  • Crosslinkers
  • Aliphatic polyisocyanate
  • Isocyanate
  • Polyisocyanurate
  • Reactive system
  • Polyisocyanate


Moisture resistant, Waterborne, Heat activated

General Characterization

Isocyanurate resin from isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI).
Desmodur® Z 2589 is a micronized colorless to slightly yellowish isocyanate resin in powdered form.

Storage Conditions

- Storage in original sealed Covestro containers.

- Recommended storage temperature: 10 - 25 °C.

- Protect from direct sunlight, moisture, heat and foreign material.

General information: The product is sensitive to moisture. Storage at higher temperatures will result in agglomeration of the product, which is not reversible by mechanical stress.


No data available

Packaging Type

8 kg net in a cardboard box

Technical Properties & Datasheets


Property Name Test Method Unit Value
NCO-content M105-ISO 11909 % 17 ± 0.7


Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Hazen color value (50 % in MPA/Xylol 1 : 1) DIN EN 1557 max. 100
Bulk weight DIN ISO 697 kg/dm^3 approx. 0.175
Particle size Volume distribution d50 µm approx. 1.6
Tg ISO 11357 °C approx. 65
Monomeric IPDI DIN EN ISO 10283 % < 0.5


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
No direct download available, please visit www.productsafetyfirst.covestro.com