Decovery® SP-8310: A 37%-bio-based, breathable resin for enhanced outdoor durability.

When it comes to exterior decorative coatings, there is growing demand for better durability – alongside enhanced bio-based content. Decovery® SP-8310 is designed to meet this need by formulating easily into multi-purpose, outdoor-durable paints with 37% bio-based content.
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Designed for outdoor durability

An all-acrylic dispersion, Decovery® SP-8310 offers excellent ultraviolet (UV)  resistance and water resistance, great water vapor permeability, and flexibility, as well as low dirt pick-up. This makes it ideal for creating durable finishes in exterior architectural and industrial applications, such as outdoor trim.

Multi-substrate adhesion, multi-purpose solution

Thanks to its excellent multi-substrate adhesion, Decovery® SP-8310 can be used in a wide range of applications. What is more, its excellent elasticity and outstanding color rub-out enable flexible paint systems and high-quality color finishes.

A new horizon for exterior coatings

With its multi-purpose profile and its bio-renewable content of 37% on solids, Decovery® SP-8310 opens new possibilities for longer-lasting exterior coatings. That means you can future proof your portfolio and improve its environmental impact at the same time.

Key benefits

  • Excellent ultraviolet (UV) resistance with very low dirt pick-up
  • Minimal water absorption and fast water release
  • High elasticity enables flexible paint systems
  • Great adhesion across a wide variety of substrates
  • Low emissions and VOC levels
  • Excellent moisture regulation
  • Outstanding  color rub-out to create color excellence 
Decovery® SP-8310 whitepaper

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