PP liner for wound dressings – combining manufacturing and end user benefits

Platilon® TPU films are widely used as a high-quality dressing material for advanced wound care. With the polypropylene (PP) liner technology, Covestro has now developed a material solution that enables clean and simple manufacture of wound dressings. The alliance of a polypropylene (PP) liner with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) blown films meets today's high demands in terms of process efficiency and ease of end use.
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Platilon® TPU blown films on PP liner: performance and comfort for advanced wound care dressings

Producing wound dressings and plasters, as well as medical wearables, often involves a multi-stage process. Various coating and cutting processes can be employed to convert the products to achieve different desired functions. The liner itself can be cut and trimmed, but still offers enough rigidity for S-cuttings and direct coatings, yet the polymer is flexible enough to allow easy application. The use of polypropylene (PP) as a liner for Platilon® films ensures an optimal balance of stiffness and flexibility and facilitates the handling of very thin TPU films during the production process.
PP liners can also be combined with multilayer Platilon® TPU films, for example to produce individual properties like surface finish. Blown TPU films on PP liners feature a wide range of surface qualities from silky to extra matt. In particular, Platilon® XM films offer extra matt surface for a second skin effect or soft haptics that enhance the wearing comfort. In addition, various colors are offered in different skin tones for more discretion.
Polypropylene liner liner enables thin Platilon® TPU films to be applied easily.

PP liner for a cleaner conversion environment

PP liners are relatively stiff and therefore offer sufficient strength, for example when gently creating windows without damaging the underlying layer, or when transferring the adhesive layer to the product. Compared to paper liners, the PP liner with TPU film produces less dust that can interfere with the clean production of medical products, and is better suited to meet the GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice) that are essential for medical applications.

Our new polypropylene (PP) liner technology enhances Platilon® medical grade TPU films for wound dressing applications where increased stiffness is required. It balances rigidity needed for challenging processes with flexibility that allows easy application, even on difficult areas. It transforms cost effective, dust-free Platilon® film into quality wound care products.

Eun-Jung Kim

Key Account Manager, Covestro

Polypropylene liner makes wound dressings easier to apply

The rigid polypropylene liner enables innovative wound dressing application. For example, the liner material is often given a wave-shaped cut (S-cutting) so that clinicians can quickly remove the carrier when applying the dressing. In other cases, the outer edge of the carrier is not coated with adhesive and can therefore be lifted off easily (finger lift). The film is flexible enough to optimally cover curved body parts such as hands, ankles and shoulders. Moreover, the rigid liner helps to accurately position very thin films during their application. All this facilitates the work of healthcare workers.


Elevate medical design: TPU films with PP carrier

February 8, 20221:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Platilon® TPU films are widely used as a high-quality material for advanced wound care and medical wearables. With polypropylene (PP) carrier technology, Covestro has now developed a material that offers a clean, rigid, customizable solution to converting challenges.
Learn more about how the alliance of a polypropylene (PP) carrier with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) blown films meets today's high demands in terms of process efficiency and end use performance.


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Key Benefits

  • Clean / dust-free: PP liners create less dust for a cleaner converting environment
  • Easy processing: PP liner technology is suitable for various conversion technologies and works as a production and application aid
  • Precise: Polypropylene technology offers the rigidity for precise cutting and processing.
  • Easy to apply:  Wound dressings with PP carrier are flexible enough to be applied in curved areas
  • Skin-friendly: Platilon® medical grade TPU films are biocompatible, highly breathable and stretchable

Contact Covestro to order TPU film samples on PP liner for testing your own applications.

Polypropylene liner for TPU films

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