Moving toward a Circular Economy for Automotive Plastics and Polymer Composites

Lightweighting, electrification, material consolidation and more: Mobility continues to evolve, and Covestro is prepared to drive this evolution.
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Reinforcing commitment to circularity

In line with its mission to become #FullyCircular, and as a key supplier of advanced materials to the global automotive sector, Covestro contributed to a new report urging the industry to rethink the ways that vehicles and their components are designed, constructed and used as well as handled at end of life.
The report, developed by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) with input from key industry players like Covestro, lays the groundwork to guide automakers and suppliers in the transition toward a more sustainable future. Serving as a roadmap for circularity in the industry, the report also outlines many ways that materials can make a significant  difference in automotive components, including:

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Gamaliel Martinez, Marketing Manager for Automotive Polyurethanes
Paul Platte, Marketing Manager for Automotive Polycarbonates
Monica Sandhu, Marketing Manager for Automotive Coatings, Adhesives & Specialties
Read the full report produced by the American Chemistry Council here.

“At Covestro, we know that automotive OEMs and suppliers need to implement strategic, whole-value-chain thinking and coordination to make this transition to circularity a reality. The Covestro automotive team was proud to contribute to this report by sharing our unique perspective on the inclusion of circularity and how our advanced material technologies contribute to car designs today and in the future.”

Gamaliel Martinez

Marketing Manager for Automotive Polyurethanes, Covestro LLC

Transitioning to a Circular Economy Fact Sheet

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