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Cutting-edge smartphone branding: 3D holograms enabled by Bayfol® HX105

Full-color 3D hologram images on smartphone casings are a new way for mobile phone OEMs to stand out from competitors. Our Bayfol® HX105 light-sensitive photopolymer film enables Korea-based Hangyohologram Co., Ltd. to create holographic designs that can be directly integrated into back covers and protective cases.
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High-quality holographic phone case with 3D images

Smartphone manufacturers are all looking for ways to boost their branding, and suppliers of accessories like protective phone cases face a similar dilemma. New optical solutions such as hologram technology offer eye-catching ways to express brand identity, yet today very few mobile phone makers or accessory suppliers are using this sort of holographic solution for back covers or cases. Hologram technology in mobile phones remains relatively rare.
Hangyohologram Co., Ltd. is a Korean hologram supplier to multiple mobile phone and accessory manufacturers. Their task was to make 3D holographic images that can be built into phone back covers and protective cases. This creates a major opportunity for OEM smartphone producers and suppliers to stand out, while giving consumers opportunities to express their individuality. 

Creating holograms that can withstand everyday use

Smartphone covers and protective cases are subject to heavy wear and tear on each and every day of their useful life. Smartphones are pocketed and repocketed dozens of times daily, and are regularly exposed to heat, cold, damp and rain, and occasionally even snow. 
Hologram mobile phones must stand up to all of these environmental factors, so the photopolymer film at the heart of the solution also has to be sufficiently durable and wear-resistant.

Covestro offers the best photopolymer product for realizing high-quality holograms. Many mobile phone makers have the motivation to differentiate their devices through exceptional design, Bayfol® HX film offers an excellent way to mass produce smartphone casings with clear, colorful 3D holographic image designs.

YunWoon Jung

Head of Sales & Marketing, Hangyohologram Co., Ltd.


Bayfol® HX105 for durable, high-quality 3D holograms

Our Bayfol® HX portfolio consists of transparent optical substrate films with a RGB light-sensitive photopolymer layer with adjustable properties regarding diffraction efficiency and spectral bandwidths, covered with a protective film. This layering can be customized to specific application needs and enables a wide range of optical effects and applications for holograms, including full-color 3D image holograms and more complex volume holographic optical elements (vHOE) such as for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting efforts. 
3D hologram for smartphone back cover – design “Space station” by Hangyohologram Co., Ltd.
In this case, Hangyohologram Co., Ltd. integrated our Bayfol® HX105 film into a stack for a mobile phone back cover and protection case that also included thermoplastic and glass layers. In collaboration with mobile phone producers, a specific clear optical adhesive was combined with protective layers without the need for chemical treatment. When subjected to harsh environmental testing, the integrated film passed with flying colors, showing high durability and abrasion resistance.
Throughout the process, Bayfol® HX105 displayed high transparency with a high-resolution holographic image that can be viewed from a wide variety of angles. Finally, the film is available on industrial scale, ensuring easy high-volume roll-to-roll production.

Hangyohologram has invested impressively over the years to design, set up and operate its hologram master and replication capacity to mass produce hologram products. With many years of experience with global OEMs, we are proud that our Bayfol® HX105 film enables vivid holographic images that meet the market needs.

DongSuk Lee

Head of Specialty Films Japan-Korea, Covestro

Key Benefits

  • High-quality imaging: Bayfol® HX optical films enable vivid and clear 3D holographic images.
  • Transparent: These optical films are completely transparent under most conditions.
  • Durable:  The integrated Bayfol® HX105 passes stress testing for durability and reliability.
  • Versatile: A wide range of optical functions can be integrated into a single layer.
  • Easy to process: Bayfol® HX allows for different integration and roll-to-roll processes.


Bayfol® HX photopolymer film for holographic elements

Holographic technology in smartphone cases

Bayfol® HX105 films enable vivid, colorful 3D holographic images that can withstand wear and tear.

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