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Tank Farm Assessment paves way for growth & chemical safety

Ventius International is a Kosovo-based maker of polyurethane foam mattresses for customers in European markets. Our Tank Farm Assessment findings mapped a way for the firm to increase production volume in its facility while meeting key industry safety requirements for hazardous chemical tank farms.
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Improve chemical tank farm output for foam mattress maker

Ventius International LLC is a mattress and pillow manufacturer based in Gjakova, Kosovo, with a customer base concentrated in the European Union and North America. The company wanted to optimize its chemical tank farm facility and container safety while also expanding its output to meet growing customer demand. In the global polyurethane market, high safety standards are a priority for the entire supply chain, which regularly handles flammable and hazardous chemicals. 


Upgrade chemical storage safety to international standards

For customers, it is extremely important that Ventius fulfills all safety requirements specified by ISOPA, the European association for producers of diisocyanates and polyols. These form the building blocks of polyurethane-based foams, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. Local regulations in Kosovo on the unloading and storage of isocyanates are currently lower than ISOPA standards. To map out an action plan, Ventius asked us for an assessment of its tank farm. 


Tank Farm Assessment helps Ventius to grow business globally

Using the developed ISOPA- checklist, our Tank Farm Assessment (TFA) recommended upgrading the existing installation with a new platform, discharging area and pumping process. It also proposed a completely new tank farm to enhance chemical storage safety. In response, Ventius made the investment, which has paid real dividends while reducing the environmental hazard. The facility now meets ISOPA requirements, and has enabled the firm to produce three times more in just a year. 

Most of our customers are from Europe and the USA, and it is extremely important for them to know that we are a manufacturing company that complies with all current European regulations. By investing in a new tank farm, we have met all the ISOPA requirements, enabling us to grow more quickly.

Eroll Shabi

CEO, Ventius International LLC

Tank Farm Assessment by Covestro, an ISOPA member

  • Wider market:  ISOPA reassurance opens up EU & NAFTA countries for chemical producers.
  • Increased safety:  Stringent chemical storage facility standards reduce environmental hazards.
  • Corporate controls:  Improved audit results in unloading, transportation and chemical tank farm.
  • Supply chain:  Ensures backward and forward integration in how to handle hazardous chemicals.
  • Environment:  Strong response to environmental concerns on chemical tank farm.

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