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Dispercoll® U: high bond for demanding furniture lamination

Dispercoll® U enables a new generation of high performance water-based 3D lamination adhesives for demanding environments.
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Finding the right solution for highly demanding environments

Thermally laminated 3D furniture fronts, an important segment in the furniture industry, are primarily used in bathrooms and kitchens, but also in living areas. Waterborne polyurethane (PUD) adhesives are the dominant technology for highly heat-resistant 3D lamination thanks to their fast build-up of bond strength and reliable bonding in automated production processes.

For even more demanding environments where high heat and humidity resistance is required, Covestro developed Dispercoll® U 66: a polyurethane dispersion for 1K and 2K adhesive formulations aiming to improve the climate resistance of laminated goods without any compromise for the applicator. 

Jowat’s goal as an innovative leader in the adhesives industry is to always find the perfect solution for our customers. Covestro is always an innovative partner, especially with their Dispercoll® U portfolio.

Dr. Guse

Head of R&D Polymer Dispersions & Special Adhesives, Jowat SE


High-performance bonding for demanding environments

The aim of the collaboration with Jowat and Schnell was to develop a special solution with improved climate resistance, and without any compromise for the applicator.

Added value through bonding optimization

Based on the Dispercoll® U 66, Jowat has developed both a 1K version of its Jowapur® as well as a 2K reactive polyurethane dispersion which display significantly higher bond strength values compared to standard reactive 1K adhesives under highly demanding climate conditions. Together with Schnell Polska, a furniture front manufacturer, the fullfillment of the requirements for adhesive applicators has been confirmed. 

Despite the already high performance of state-of-the-art PUDs, we wanted to develop a best-in-class PUD that delivers on the needs of upcoming furniture trends. Now, the multiple benefits of 3D lamination are improved even further, enabling long-lasting and seamless furniture finishes. This comes regardless of elevated temperature and humidity levels, as typically present in marine enviroments or in specific areas of a kitchen or a bathroom.

Dr. Christos Lecou

Marketing Manager Industrial Adhesives, Covestro


Dispercoll® U waterborne PU dispersions

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