Illuminated bike highlights the potential of Makrolon®

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Great ideas require the right materials to make them a reality. Inspired by a child’s concept for a light-up bike, Phantom Frames used Makrolon® polycarbonate’s strength, lightness and glass-like transparency to create a truly unique product.


Build on established success

After launching the Balance Bike, the first bike with an internally illuminated polycarbonate frame, Phantom Frames wanted to expand its range with a next-level offering - the Pedal Bike.

Identify the right polycarbonate

Phantom Frames needed a robust grade of polycarbonate that would provide the endurance, strength and lightness needed by young Pedal Bike riders. 

Depend on proven performance

The success Phantom Frames had already enjoyed with Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate in the Balance Bike construction made it the natural choice for the Pedal Bike. The lightweight polycarbonate is tough, durable, and impact resistant in addition to which it offers glass-like transparency and UV resistance – exactly the qualities the designers were looking for in the Pedal Bike’s frame, chain guard and seat post.

Why Makrolon® 2807 was the right solution for Phantom Frames bicycles

  • Light & strong: This lightweight polycarbonate material has excellent impact resistance.
  • Glass-like transparency: Enhances aesthetics and is ideal for lighting.
  • Ease of use: Easy release properties allow for simple removal from the mold.
  • UV-stabilized: Remains relatively unchanged when exposed to UV light.

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