Makrolon® LED grade optimized for eco-street lighting

Hella designed its new Eco StreetLine LED streetlamps to help municipalities cut energy use while increasing light quality and safety. To achieve this they needed a durable, heat-resistant lens material with superior light transmission properties. They opted for our specialized Makrolon® LED grade.
Hella asked us to identify optical lens material with superior light transmission properties that would optimize the luminous flux, or amount of light emitted from LED sources. Their goal was to provide vehicular and pedestrian safety, and perhaps even improve it when compared to traditional forms of street lighting. 

Give us lens materials that make the most of LED lighting

In addition to the energy saving benefits of LEDs, our customer wanted special optical lenses that allowed for targeted bundling and guidance of LED lighting. To achieve this, they needed lens material with glass-like transparency (without the weight of glass) that provides superior light transmission. The material also needed to be break-resistant, heat resistant, and easily moldable to give designers the freedom to implement complex lens shapes.

Energy-, safety- and cost-friendly polycarbonate lenses

Our portfolio of Makrolon® LED grades is specifically designed to enhance eco-friendly, energy saving street lighting.  Which is why we wasted no time in recommending it for Hella’s Eco StreetLine street lamps. The result is LED streetlights so energy-efficient that they can still be dimmed by as much as 50 percent. What’s more, the long service life of the Makrolon®-lensed LED modules – 12 years or 50,000 hours – also helps reduce operating costs. 

Why Makrolon® LED was the right solution for Eco StreetLine LEDs

  • High light transmission: Optimizes luminous flux, the amount of light emitted from LED sources.
  • Ultra-durable: It’s break-resistant, temperature resistant and thermally stable.
  • Dimensionally stable: Retains its shape when exposed to heat or humidity.
  • Clearly superior: Offers glass-like transparency without the weight of glass.
  • Design friendly: Injection molding gives designers the freedom to implement complex lens shapes.

Optimize light from LED sources to enhance safety


LED Portfolio Brochure (EN)

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