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    Customizable materials for 3D printed hearing aids

    3D printed hearing aids offer excellent daily comfort. To make sure it lasts for years, manufacturers need robust, customizable materials

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    CMF Aesthetictoolkit for automotive industry

    Aesthetic Toolkit with color, material, and finish inspiration for industrial design in automotive, based on key trends edition 2022–2023.

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    Customized printed electronics | Covestro

    Our Colibri demonstrator with printed electronics and smart surface technology gives you design flexibility.

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    TPU yarn solutions

    Desmopan® and Coatyarn bundle know-how to recycle resources for more sustainable fashion and functional textiles.

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Discover our latest webinars on:

Circular Economy

  • Webinar

    We will be fully circular

    How to shift toward a circular economy in the coatings and adhesives industry. 

  • Webinar

    Solutions for printing and packaging delivering on sustainability

    With the acquisition of DSM’s Resins and Functional Materials business, we’re complementing our portfolio for adhesives, preparation coatings, inks, and top-coat resins with relevant chemistries for all packaging substrates.

  • Webinar

    How barrier coating resins help to create a better environment

    Barrier resins offer a recyclable alternative to LDPE coatings. Our multifunctional resins are easy to formulate and resistant to water (WVTR & COBB*), grease, oil, and moisture. 

  • Webinar

    Enabling circularity: Monomaterials in flexible packaging

    In line with the growing need for monomaterial solutions that retain functional performance, we offer a portfolio of coating resins paving the way to flexible packaging that gets the job done and can be recycled more easily.


  • Webinar

    Pasquick® technology: Performance benefits and proof points

    Discover how Pasquick® technology helps reduce downtime in corrosion-protection and flooring jobs, thanks to faster curing characteristics – all combined with great long-term performance and low to near-zero VOC.

  • Webinar

    Digital coatings: How to apply PU raw materials digitally

    Digital printing is increasingly developing into an alternative application technology for coatings. Get an overview of our latest developments regarding the digital application of coating materials in the field of automotive and textiles.

  • Webinar on-demand

    Hardeners for high-performance refinish coatings

    Get an overview of our range of hardeners for efficient state-of-the-art and future refinish paints for automotive refinish body shops.


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