Auto download for campaings

How to enable an auto download of pdf files for a campaign?

  • Goal: setup a campaign where a pdf file is automatically downloaded as soon as the visitor reaches the website.
  • Use case: Let's assume we have a campaign for the cosmetics page and we want to automatically download the whitepaper about "more ocean-friendly sun protection". 

Steps to follow

  1. Find the target url of the page on the website (f.e.
  2. Add your utm paramaters (f.e.  utm_medium=social_organic&utm_source=linkedin&utm_campaign=cosmetics_2023_project&utm_asset=1234
  3. Add the file paramater. This should contain the filename of the download. The file should be available on the page, e.g. in the download section or on a large teaser. (f.e. file=whitepaper-towards-more-ocean-friendly-sun-protection-en.pdf)

So in our example the full url to use in your campaing would be:

right click > copy link
hover over the download button