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How are coatings and adhesives manufacturers in the chemical industry incorporating sustainability practices and circular economy principles into their production processes?

With the announcement 0f the EU Green Deal, Europe is aiming to become the first climate•neutra continent by transforming into a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy. As key players in this economy, coatings and adhesive manufacturers can contribute significantly to achieving these goals and meeting upcoming regulations. Many value-cha' n players have already started to act by producing more efficiently, increasing the use of renewable energy and alternative (non-fossil) raw materials, and developing more circular solutions. Additionaly, more and more

manufacturers and brands are setting ambitious sustainability targets to drive the circular transformation. 

How is Covestro supporting the value chain to meet its sustainability commitments?

Covestro sets itself highly ambitious targets and aims for operational climate neutrality by 2035. Through Covestro's transition to even more sustainable manufacturing processes, including increased use of renewable energy, we'll be able to reduce the carbon footprints of our products. In turn, customers will benefit from reduced carbon footprints in their own products. In parallel, we are constantly expanding our CQ product portfolio. For our CQ products, we substitute a significant amount of the fossil-based raw materials with alternative raw materials to reduce the products' carbon footprints and start the transition to a circular economy. We have already introduced CQ solutions for various product groups, including isocyanates, acrylics, prepolymers, and polyurethane dispersions, and we will continue to expand the portfolio in the coming years. 

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