This component is a slider for images and videos. You can also add a information block to the slider and add a CTA button. 

Underneath slider adds an extra function with every image. You can make a mix of different images and videos with the different configuration. If you want to add the information block, make the sure the most important part of image/video will not be covered.


Template highlight

Important notes

  • Number of characters

  1. Component title: 60 characters
  2. Caption text: 100 characters
  3. Alt text: 100 characters
  4. Slide title: 60 characters
  5. Slide description: 300 characters
  6. Button label: 30 characters
  • Ideal image size: 1440 x 960 px
  • For video always provide a Moving Images ID
  • For Images always provide a Mediahub ID
  • Link
  1. Media assets
  2. Link within the solution center
  3. Link out of the solution center (possible in a new tab)
  • Gate: possible to make the link gated
  • Color:
  1. Default same color as the theme of the page.
  2. Can be changed to one of the standard colors: blue, green, magenta, orange, purple
  • Always indicate the placement of the quote on the page