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In this section you can find an overview of all available components for page content such as rich text and headlines

Component: Headline

Example tagline

This is an example of a headline

Configuration Headline

  • Headline: max 100 characters
  • Tagline: max 60 characters

Component: case study headline


Title headline module with Icon

Configuration Case study headline

  • This is the normal headline component, but in case studies we can add an icon left of the title and tagline.
  • Headline: max 100 characters
  • Tagline: max 60 characters

Component: rich text

This is an example of a rich text component

this component has different option.

  1. You can add a ordered list of text.
  2. You can add an unordered of text. Which you can see in the hereafter.
  • You can link to a page on the website.
  • You can link to a page on another website.
  • These links are not opened in a new tab.

Component: accoredion module

Headline; General settings


  • Accordion module can be used in 2 different width. This is the version with same width as a rich text field. There is also a wider version. As you see underneath.
  • There are 4 different colors: blue, black, grey and white
  • By default the panes are collapsed when you open a page. You can also choose the have the pane expanded.
  • Within the panes you can use all different components, e.g. this rich text component. Underneath you can see some variants.


  • Maximum characters title: 60
  • Maximum characters subtitle: 30
  • There is also the possibility to add an image in the pane. The image is cropped to a circle.






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Title Benefit list

  • Benefit 1 title Benefit 1 text
  • Benefit 2 title Benefit 2 text

Configuration benefit list

  • Preferably only 5 items are displayed
  • Title of the component: Key Benefits (This is the usual title but can be different)
  • Benefit title: max 20 characters (this part of the benefit element is shown in bold)
  • Benefit text: max 80 characters

Component: download list

Download List Heading

Apec Product range

Configuration download list

  • Title component: default: Downloads. But this can be changed to max 60 characters
  • Display name downloads: max 60 characters
  • Number of download: max 5. But technically more is possible.
  • The complete component can be gated. So you need to leave your contact details before you can download any document.

Component: quote

Quote Text

Quote  Author Name

Quote Author Position

Configuration quote

  • Quote text: max 300 characters

  • Author name: max 50 characters
  • Function: max 30 characters
  • Company: max 30 characters
  • You can add an image of the author. This always need to be a squared image with maximum size 400 x 400
  • Possible to add a background image. Make sure the image is not to light otherwise the text won't be readible
  • Background color is consistent with the theme of the page. But you can change the background color to: cyan, green, magenta, orange, purple, yellow white, black