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Desmotherm® for adaptable stoving systems that deliver

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Desmotherm® is an aromatic, self-crosslinking urethane resin used primarily as a binder in one-component (1K) stoving polyurethane systems. It contains both the polyol and blocking agent (or hardener) necessary for crosslinking.

The exceptional characteristics of Desmotherm® are key influencers in the quality and performance of finished coatings. It is ideal for highly flexible primers, intermediate coats, primer surfacers and thin coil-coating primers. The properties of films based on Desmotherm® are largely independent of the stoving conditions and film properties can be customized by combining various polyesters from the Desmotherm® urethane resin grades, amino resins and flexibilizers. Desmotherm®-based systems are frequently used as primer surfacers in automotive OEM finishing.

Key Benefits

  • Specialized: Designed as a binder for 1K stoving systems.
  • High performance: Ensures quality of finished coatings.
  • Customizable: Adapt film properties by combining various Desmotherm® polyesters.

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