Control temperature with Baytherm® rigid foams

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Baytherm® is a low-density rigid polyurethane foam with excellent insulation capability. This makes it ideal for thermal insulation of cold chain applications (e.g. refrigerators & freezers refrigerated display counters, refrigerated trailers and containers, cold stores) as well as for insulating pipe assemblies (district heating/cooling) and water heaters and boilers.

Baytherm® PU foam is highly customizable thanks to individually adjustable mechanical and thermomechanical properties. It is perfect for insulating pipes wherever hot or cold media have to be conveyed from A to B; it provides good adhesion to a wide range of materials that include plastic, metal, and aluminum; and its outstanding processing properties make complex cavities easy to fill.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding insulation: Closed-cell foam for a wide range of applications in the field of heat and cold protection.
  • Good mechanical properties: Individually adjustable mechanical properties and good dimensional stability.
  • Excellent adhesion: Bonds to a wide range of materials.
  • Good heat resistance: Good resistance to elevated temperatures and good durability.
  • Easy and flexible processing: Allows cost efficient application on substrates or easy filling of complex cavities.

Brochures & Downloads

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