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Our ready-to-use-polyurethane system Baymidur® (plus Baygal® polyol) is the perfect polymer for the electrical engineering industry. Its functions include sheathing, fixing, embedding and encapsulation of electrical components with solid, bubble-free polyurethane.

The popularity of Baymidur® in electrical engineering results from its quality and versatility. For example, Baymidur® only requires minimal inherent heating during curing, has cold workability down to 0 °C, and cures with minimal stress on encapsulated components due to low shrinkage. In addition, quick curing is possible with catalysts and Baymidur® polyurethanes provide good adhesion, chemical resistance, and an attractive cost/performance ratio.

Key Benefits

  • Quality: High-grade polyurethanes provide solid insulation.
  • Stays cool: There is minimal inherent heating during curing.
  • Fast: Quick curing is possible with catalysts.
  • Minimal shrinkage: Encapsulated components experience very little pressure due to shrinkage.
  • High productivity: Baymidur® has an attractive cost/performance ratio.

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