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Bayhytherm® easy-to-apply, high-performance stoving coatings

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The water-reducible, aliphatic, self-crosslinking stoving urethane resins in Bayhytherm® are designed for the formulation of waterborne, one-component (1K) baking systems. These include OEM and general-purpose industrial coatings as well as primer surfacers used to fill imperfections after sanding or grinding.

As a car or appliance manufacturer you need extra protection against chemical and mechanical damage. Waterborne Bayhytherm® polyurethane stoving coating systems get the job done well. They form a strong crosslinked network that enhances coatings by providing extraordinary chipping resistance in spite of high hardness. They also provide strong inter-coat adhesion, low thermal yellowing and high gloss. The above properties make Bayhytherm® polyurethane dispersions attractive as modifiers in other waterborne coating systems, such as acrylate dispersions, to improve flexibility, impact strength and adhesion. In addition, because they are 1K waterborne dispersions, our Bayhytherm® self-crosslinking urethanes are easy to apply using 1K application methods.

Featured Products

Bayhytherm® 3246
Water-reducible, aliphatic, self-crosslinking stoving urethane resin. Binder for waterborne, one-component baking systems such as waterborne primer surfacer or general purpose industrial coatings.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-apply: Takes the hard work out of high-performance stoving coatings.
  • Tough: Extraordinary chipping resistance in spite of high hardness.
  • Sustainable: Waterborne, one-component (1K) baking systems.

Brochures & Downloads

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Polyisocyanate and Prepolymers.pdf

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