Baybond® polyurethane dispersions for superior fiber sizing

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Baybond® waterborne polyurethane dispersions include both polyester and polyether polyurethanes based on aliphatic isocyanates. They are used as film former in fiber sizing formulations for thermoplastic as well as thermoset composite materials.

To fully exploit their ability to reinforce plastics, fibers are coated with sizing directly after they have been produced. As sizing prevents the fibers from being damaged and provides a mechanical bond between matrix and fiber surface, it is key to the quality of the composite. The film former is one of the main components of a sizing formulation.
Baybond® waterborne polyurethane dispersions are therefore specifically designed to enable an optimal fiber sizing composition. They boast very good film formation, are dilutable and secure good shear stability. They secure maximal formulation flexibility due to their polarity and compatibility with common sizing additives.
Fibers coated with sizing based on Baybond® can withstand a high level of mechanical stress and heat. They are characterized by well-balanced cohesion as well as elasticity and softness. The chemistry basis of the

Key Benefits

  • High-performance: High mechanical strength and hydrolysis resistance.
  • Reliability: High product consistency for reliable processing.
  • Compatibility: Colloidal stability in the presence of common sizing additives.
  • Customization: Unique polyurethane structure for tailor-made solutions.

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