Baybond® waterborne PU dispersions for fiber sizing

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Baybond® water-based dispersions include both polyester and polyether polyurethanes (PU) based on aliphatic isocyanates and thermally-activated aliphatic polyisocyanates. These film formers and cross-linkers for glass, carbon and basalt fiber sizing enable high performing reinforced composites.

Plastics are reinforced with fibers that are coated with sizing during or immediately after their production. The thin homogenous sizing protects fibers from damage while providing a chemical bond between the matrix and fiber surfaces, yielding a high-quality composite. The film former and cross-linker are the two main components in a sizing formulation. 

Baybond® waterborne polyurethane dispersions enable a fiber sizing composition that provides good film formation, is dilutable and secures good shear stability. These PU dispersions ensure maximal formulation flexibility in waterborne  sizings thanks to their polarity and compatibility with common chemical sizing additives. 

Glass, carbon and basalt fibers with  sizing based on Baybond® are able to withstand a high level of mechanical stress and heat and also deliver high chemical resistance. In parallel, the water-based PU dispersions are characterized by well-balanced crosslinking cohesion along with elasticity and softness. The chemical basis of Baybond® dispersions guarantees high yellowing stability for both sized  fibers and reinforced composites. 

Key Benefits

  • High-performance High strength, durability, chemical bonding and hydrolysis resistance
  • Reliability High PU dispersions consistency for reliable processing of fibers.
  • Compatibility Baybond® offers colloidal stability with common chemical sizing additives.
  • Customization Polyurethane film former and cross-linkers structure facilitate tailor-made fiber sizings-.
  • Food contact Range of film formers and crosslinkers approved for food contact under EU 10/2011

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