Adding a new dimension to cars with holographic film

Holographic technology is improving at a rapid pace, leading automakers and suppliers to explore new uses for vehicles. To get from prototype to production, Covestro is ready to help by developing materials for next-gen applications.
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The future of automotive lighting is bright

Holographic films such as Bayfol® HX photopolymer film from Covestro has the potential to push the boundaries of what’s possible with automotive lighting over the next decade.

The use of film technology for automotive lighting offers several benefits. Holographic films provide automotive designers and engineers with design freedom while using light as a design element. Besides allowing a vehicle to stand out from the pack, Bayfol® HX does not require a lot of space for installation and can make a big impact in a small space. It also has the potential to be used in a modular system, allowing for easy and adaptable holograms and designs.

Holographic lighting also adds an additional safety element by enabling the vehicle to be seen and allowing for displays that communicate safety messages, such as “stop.”
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A different way to look at the road

Once limited to fighter jets and luxury vehicles, head-up displays (HUDs) show important information, such as speed or navigation directions, directly in the driver’s line of sight. Now, HUDs are more widespread and offer safety benefits over standard car cockpit displays by helping the driver keep their eyes on the road.

Conventional HUDs project the information only with the help of the bare windshield’s reflectivity into the driver’s eyes.  The given reflectivity of the windshield however limits the brightness of the image and in addition the size of the image at a given space for the projection unit in the dashboard.

Now, automakers are exploring new designs for HUDs that feature augmented reality (AR) technology to overcome these downsides. With breakthrough optical films technology, Bayfol® HX photopolymer film enables new designs for HUDs. An AR HUD featuring a holographic film in the windshield allows light to be redirected efficiently from the projector towards a viewer, keeping energy consumption low. It’s also possible to realize larger images while only taking up minimal space for the projector in the dashboard with an AR HUD.

Bayfol® HX holographic film takes automotive lighting and HUDs to new levels and with its versatility, it enables new designs and driver benefits. We can work closely with automakers and suppliers to help them bring their new designs to life with our customized products and technical support.

Christel Manecke

Application Development Automotive, Holographic Light Guiding, Covestro

  • Customizable, allowing for design freedom
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Fully transparent with glass-like transparency
  • Simple and efficient processing
  • Compatible with common production processes such as film injection molding

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