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In the field of security and protection, our dedicated polycarbonate and TPU films, thermoplastics, elastomers and more are suitable for applications such as protective apparel, ID cards or badges.
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Bayfol® HX film enables bright, resilient security holograms

Bayfol® HX film enables vivid security holograms that make verification easier and counterfeiting more difficult.

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Innovative technologies enabling secure identity documents

The latest technologies by Covestro enable both optimal security and efficient production of ID documents

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Advantages of Makrofol® ID polycarbonate films for identification documents

Identification documents require special substrate materials to help prevent counterfeiting; which is why more government agencies are turning to the advanced features of Makrofol®ID polycarbonate films for the manufacturing of ID documents.

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Rethinking the passport with innovative specialty films

In the passport arena, Covestro offers differentiated passport solutions leveraging its Makrofol® ID polycarbonate and Platilon® ID thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films portfolio for the passport data page, hinge and booklet cover applications

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