LED curing: the energy-efficient solution

UV LED curing systems make it possible to produce high-performing fiber optic cables in a more energy efficient way, while lasting for longer and producing fewer harmful byproducts. Find out more about the economic and performance benefits of this sustainable technology.
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UV LED cure: leading the way in fiber optic coatings

Over the past 20 years, the global fiber optic cable market has grown by an average of 12% every year. How do manufacturers around the world deliver higher-performance end-products while continually improving the efficiency of their manufacturing practices? One answer is UV LED (ultraviolet-light-emitting diode) cure. This coating technology helps minimize the environmental impacts of fiber optic cable production processes by replacing the conventional, energy-hungry curing systems used for fiber optic cable coatings with UV cure.

Striving for a carbon-free future

If we replaced all the traditional microwave UV lamps in the world with UV LED lamps, it would cut carbon emissions by more than 35%.

  • Saving_Energy
    Saving energy UV LED lamps have the potential to significantly decrease energy consumption compared to traditional microwave curing lamps.
  • Saving_Money
    Saving money UV LED curing systems can reduce the production cost of optical fiber thanks to their long life, low noise, and ease- of maintenance.
  • Saving_Environment
    Saving the environment UV LED lamps further benefit health and the environment because they do not contain mercury, and do not generate ozone – both can be harmful if not properly controlled.

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