Protective apparel: Lowering the risk of injury with high-performance materials

There is little margin for error in high-risk occupations like firefighting or security. Which is why we provide high-quality polycarbonates, PU resins, elastomers and thermoplastic films and composites that have been tried and proven under the most demanding conditions.

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Heat-resistant thermoplastic for automotive, lighting, and medical technologies
Engineering thermoplastic and specialized photopolymer films
Polyurethane film made from aromatic and aliphatic polyester or polyether
High-performance polycarbonate for applications in diverse industries.
Polyurethane film made from aromatic and aliphatic polyester or polyether.

Key benefits

  • Durable: Provides UV-, abrasion-, scratch-, tear-, and impact-resistance.
  • Dependable: Our quality materials have proven themselves over time.
  • Adaptable: Show us a challenge and we will show you the materials for a great solution.
  • Customizable: A wide range of color, stiffnesses and hardnesses opens up new possibilities.
  • Comfortable: Lightweight for physical comfort and effective for peace of mind.
When all that stands between people and personal injury is protective apparel, the quality of the materials used to make it matters. Which is why strong, lightweight Makrolon® is a popular choice for helmets, fire-fighting wear, riot shields, holsters and other tactical gear. Its high-transparency and heat-resistance make it suitable for gas masks, welding goggles, and protective visors, such as those used by electricians. In addition, we have specialized polycarbonates, including fire-resistant and highly transparent Apec® that meet the thermal requirements defined in the EN 443:2008 standard for firefighters’ helmets. Even bulletproof vests can be enhanced with elastomer films such as Dureflex® and Platilon®. Last but not least, the holographic photopolymer film Bayfol® HX enables effective laser glare protection in eyewear for pilots and helmet visors of law enforcement personnel. Ask us to help identify the materials best suited to your needs.

Fire helmets: Meeting increasingly strict safety standards

Polycarbonate’s tough, heat-resistant and good optical properties make it ideal for firefighter helmet visors. And as requirements for these helmets become stricter, manufacturers need materials with better flame-resistant properties. For example, to ensure proper protection for firefighters, specialized helmet manufacturers typically choose Apec® FR1892 polycarbonate, a high-heat, amorphous, high-performance thermoplastic, which meets the thermal requirements defined in the standard EN 443:2008 for firefighters’ helmets. The material also looks good and it well-suited to injection molding. 

Fire helmet made with tough, and heat-resistant polycarbonate

Bullet-resistant vests: Reliable protection in security situations

Our hot-melt films for textile composites absorb a high amount of impact energy, which makes them ideal for bullet-resistant vests. The materials also meet high safety standards and protect the wearer from life-threatening injuries. Our Platilon® thermoplastics are particularly well-suited to bullet-proof vests due to their mechanical strength, skin comfort, heat-resistance and flexibilty in cold conditions. Speak to us about customizing a solution to your specific requirements. 

All eyes on safety: Pilots’ glasses and helmet visors with laser glare protection

Blinding of pilots by laser beams especially during take-off or landing are a well-known problem. Security and police forces on the ground now face similar dangers and impairments. In addition, the power of laser pointers is increasing, and incidents involving glare attacks are becoming more frequent. Bayfol® HX provides appropriate eye protection for security personnel and pilots without compromising color perception and clarity. The photopolymer film provides a flexible self-adhesive solution for helmet visors and shields used by security and law enforcement personnel. 

Green handheld laser pointer blocked by META® holographic film

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