Materials in motion: TPU keeps elevator and timing belts moving smoothly and quietly

Elevator and timing belts are the unsung heroes of industrial processes, ensuring machines move smoothly. Broken belts can cause safety issues and costly downtime. Desmopan® 790 TPU resin offers an excellent mix of properties, helping to optimize belt performance and lifespan.

TPU reduces downtime, prolongs the lifetime of coated steel cords 

Time is money, so it is vital for companies in industrial segments to avoid unexpected downtime and potential safety issues that can occur if the belts that move machines break. Desmopan® 790 TPU from Covestro was developed to help address this concern. The material, which securely attaches to steel ropes, textiles or synthetic fibers, combines the mechanical strength and temperature resistance of an Ester-based TPU, but with higher hydrolytic stability.  

Desmopan® 790 offers other advantages as well. It swells less in water, oil and greases than standard TPUs, and demonstrates excellent resistance against microbial attack. 

Because of its excellent balance of properties, elevator and timing belts protected by a Desmopan® 790 TPU layer require fewer maintenance checks and enjoy a longer service life. The material also contributes to noise reduction. 

In addition, protecting cables with a TPU layer can reduce the weight of steel cables, which enables the use of smaller motors that use less energy. 

Importantly, Desmopan® 790 has excellent processing properties and ensures a wide processing window. 

Keeping manufacturing operations up and running is essential, but it’s not possible if production grinds to a halt due to a broken belt. We’ve developed a grade of Desmopan® that is strong, lightweight, and resistant to high temperatures and microbial attack, helping to ensure production processes continue to move smoothly.

Dr. Patrick Steinhoff

Application and Innovation Manager, Covestro

Key Benefits

  • Strength:  Features excellent mechanical properties.
  • Durability:  Offers high resistance to wear, which can prolong the product lifecycle.
  • Hydrolytic stability:  Resists chemical decomposition in water.
  • Lightweight:  Reduced cable weight can reduce motor size, which can, in turn, save energy.
  • Easy to process:  Offers excellent processing properties and ensures a wide processing window.

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