Covestro provides industry-leading material solutions for Roborock’s next-generation smart sweeper

With a rapidly growing number of portable and smart household devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to disrupt the way we live and work. Roborock Technology, is using its R&D and production skillset to innovate smart home appliances with cutting-edge technology. In the case of its newly-launched upgraded Mi Robotic Vacuum, which won an iF Design Award in 2017, Covestro is proved to be a reliable technology partner with its integrated material solution.
Covestro’s solutions are widely used for the housing, IR sensor, dust box of Roborock’s smart sweeper with its high-performing Desmopan® TPU, Makrolon® and Bayblend® materials.


The next-generation Mi Robot Vacuum is designed to have multiple enhanced features that were unavailable in the previous generation of smart sweepers. Roborock is in need of an integrated solution that utilizes various high-performance and multipurpose materials. Covestro has been asked to provide Roborock with materials that are durable and flexible, yet also do not compromise appealing aesthetics.


When providing a material solution for the robotic sweeper, Covestro was faced with two pressing challenges: warpage within the sensor’s protective cover, and the dust box’s lack of durability. Covestro was also required to provide a record of successful material applications that simultaneously had high color coordination and fast sample delivery.


Featuring excellent abrasion resistance and high processing ability, Covestro’s Desmopan® TPU successfully meets all parameters for Roborock’s smart sweeper. In addition, Covestro has innovated the PCS material M.MD4810 for new applications. Covestro has improved the sweeper’s performance by using its classic FR series of materials. The high IR transmittance material.

Being a technology partner to its customer, Covestro not only provides integrated material solutions that are tailor-made to address OEMs’ technical issues, but also offers prompt and comprehensive business support. Through close cooperation with its customer, Covestro recommended materials suitable for resolving the sweeper’s durability and warpage problems. Covestro joined the molding trial with Roborock engineers to ensure that no request went unanswered.

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