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A look into our most innovative automotive technologies, test-driven on a life-size canvas.
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At Covestro, we specialize in high-performing technologies that enable durable, functional, and beautiful solutions for the North American automotive market. To showcase our latest material offerings and highlight our technical expertise, the Covestro automotive team decided to put our technologies to the test-drive. We took a Jeep Wrangler and refinished it from bumper to bumper with our most innovative material solutions. 

Desmodur® 2873 Clearcoat

Specifically for use in the North American market, Desmodur® 2873 is a new, silane-modified aliphatic polyisocyanate that can be used to formulate polyurethane/silane hybrid coatings. This hybrid approach offers exceptional scratch resistance, and is especially suited for use in automotive clearcoat applications. Its low viscosity provides very good flow and leveling, as well as excellent weathering resistance in demanding conditions.

Two-Component, Waterborne Matte Clearcoat

Our Bayhydrol® and Bayhydur® product families work together to formulate a stunning two-component, waterborne matte clearcoat for automotive applications. This system offers very low VOC levels, superior burnish resistance, variable gloss levels, and a matte finish without the use of silica or polymeric flattening agents.

LINE-X® Ultra

LINE-X® ULTRA is a mega-durable, protective coating that can be used for bumpers, fenders, bedliners and more. Using aliphatic polyaspartic technology from Covestro, this heavy-duty system offers excellent UV resistance, faster curing in cold condition, and faster return to service – all in a smooth, slightly textured finished. 

Two-Component Waterborne Refinish Primer

A high-performing, two-component, waterborne primer-surfacer is achieved through our Bayhydrol®, Bayhydur® and Desmodur® products. This reliable refinish primer combines ease-of-use with sustainability and performance. The system enables a VOC of less than 2.0 lb/gal, offers easy hand mixing, and is sandable in 45-60 minutes. 

Peelable Coatings

Bayhydrol® UH 2889 brings customization, protection, and an environmentally-conscious solution to the peelable coatings market. This waterborne coating is peelable over a wide variety of substrates and offers excellent gasoline, water and scratch resistance. Peelable coatings formulated with Bayhdrol® UH 2889 are suitable for both decorative and protective applications, and can be color-pigmented or clear. 

In-Mold Electronics

Film insert molding is a next-generation technology where electronic circuits are screen printed onto specialty, polycarbonate films. This technique is particularly useful in automotive lighting applications such as heated headlamps. These innovative headlamps, courtesy of Advanced Decorative Systems and JW Speaker, offer a solution for LED-based headlamps that often do not generate enough heat to defrost in colder conditions.

INSQIN® Textile Coatings

INSQIN® is helping the automotive industry design today for the passengers of tomorrow. This Covestro technology enables increased quality, design, and functionality of car interiors. INSQIN® is a waterborne polyurethane technology that enables more sustainable, flexible and durable coatings with a premium look and feel, even in the thinnest layers.

Two-Component Waterborne Hard Coat Matte

Waterborne hard coat matte coatings are achievable with our Bayhydrol® and Bayhydur® products. Not only do they bring an aesthetic look to automotive interiors, they also boast improved durability over one-component waterborne systems, low VOC,  and the ability to create variable haptic finishes.

Soft Feel Coatings

Soft feel coatings are the technology behind luxurious and inviting interior surfaces. Powered by our Desmophen® and Desmodur® materials, soft feel coatings allow automotive formulators to create a deluxe interior experience with various haptic levels.

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