Covestro polyurethane resin composites: an easy choice for wind turbine blades

The material used in rotor blades is a crucial choice for any wind turbine manufacturer. Covestro offers high-tech polyurethane resins with fast flow processing for strong, long-lasting wind turbine rotor blades. The eventual reduction in generating costs can make wind energy even more desirable.
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Polyurethane resin is a cost effective and high performing rotor blade composite material 

Wind power operators and turbine manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCoE). The material choice for wind turbine rotor blades can directly contribute to a lower wind power generation cost.  The ease of production, the ultimate blade weight and strength and the reliability of the supplier all factor into this vital decision. 
Covestro obtained DNV certification for specially developed Desmodur® isocyanates and Baydur® polyols. This certification confirms the good mechanical properties of the resin in rotor blades for wind turbines. It opens up opportunities for design optimization to produce lighter and longer blades. Covestro continues to be  a trusted provider of technology innovations in polyurethane (PUR). It provides durable, cost-effective composite material options that check the important boxes for wind turbine blade manufacturers around the world.

Easy PU resin flow processing makes composites cost-effective 

The excellent flow properties of polyurethane infusion resin include very low viscosity, long pot-life and fast curing. This allows for better infusion in the blade composite materials used by the renewable energy industry. The PU resin technology may also enable a blade design for reduced overall weight and volume. High performing composites for rotor blades are long-lasting thanks to their enhanced mechanical properties, even in demanding conditions that wind turbines are exposed to.  

An innovative machine for the production of polyurethane turbine blades 

As the wind energy market requires ever-larger blades, Covestro developed a special Baulé machine for the direct infusion of high performance polyurethane into rotor blades. In cooperation with industry partners such as Goldwind, Covestro Elastomers designed a pioneer metering machine meeting challenging technical requirement such as processing under vacuum and adapting the output all along the wind blade production. Find out more: Baulé infusion machine for PU rotor blades (

Covestro: trusted leader in chemicals and in materials for renewable energy 

Beyond investing in our in-house technical capacity for composite innovation in wind turbine blades, Covestro collaborates with leading players in the industry, from testing houses to engineering and application experts and the final wind blade manufacturers. Our aim is to lower the cost of wind power and renewable energy by providing cost-effective composites for rotor blades. 

Covestro will continue to leverage its global research capabilities as well as its considerable expertise in composite materials for wind rotor blades to help make wind power even more attractive.

Dirk Soontjens

Global coordinator of wind power activities at Covestro

Key Benefits:

  • Global partner: Covestro collaborates with leading engineering experts and wind blade makers.
  • Industry certification DNV certified for products offered globally.
  • Easy processing: Polyurethane resins allow for infusion speed and short curing time.
  • Composite strength: Composite resins enable light, strong, long-lasting wind rotor blades.
  • Reduced cost per kWh: Efficient production and durable materials can reduce wind power cost per kWh.

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