For healthcare applications such as medication delivery, surgical instruments, electromedical equipment and wound care, we offer dedicated thermoplastics, films, TPU, raw materials for adhesives, foams, and more.
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Improved patient safety with medical polycarbonates for high-tech smart pill dispenser

Smart pill dispensing for enhanced safety and wellbeing of patients relying on continuous medication

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Case study

New design concepts for IoT applications that drive the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Covestro is collaborating with Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art students in an IoT design project to develop

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Case study

Aesthetic design toolkits

CMF design toolkits for global aesthetic trends in the electronics and electrical, automotive, and healthcare industries: the 2022/2023 edition

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Makrofol® TF: Ultrathin polycarbonate films I Covestro

Our new extrusion process enables polycarbonate films as thin as 15μm for use in membranes for filtration and electronics. Learn more!

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Heat-resistant thermoplastic for automotive, lighting, and medical technologies
Innovative polyurethane products for medical and wearable applications
Smart combinations of polycarbonate and polyester in ultra-tough materials
High-performance polycarbonate for applications in diverse industries.
Polyurethane film made from aromatic and aliphatic polyester or polyether.

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