Bouncing back from stress with Makroblend® PC+polyester blend

Apollo Neuroscience, Inc. saw a gap in the wearables market and created the first-ever device that, according to the company, actively helps the body adapt to stress for increased energy and enhanced sleep and relaxation. Users can stay calm knowing that Makroblend® M525 PC+polyester blend keeps the device clean and strong.
Makroblend® M525 PC+polyester blend from Covestro lends toughness and chemical resistance to the Apollo wearable. (Photo: Apollo Neuroscience)

Create a wearable that improves the body’s resilience to stress

Wearables monitor our sleep, track our heart rate variability (HRV)—a key metric of health and recovery—and more. But what if a device empowered you to get better sleep, feel more relaxed and have more energy by actively enhancing the body’s resilience to stress? Enter Apollo—the first wearable that, according to the company, helps the body beat stress by rapidly restoring its natural equilibrium for better sleep, energy and more. Apollo claims that the device’s gentle vibration waves signal safety to the body and rapidly improve HRV through the sense of touch. It was originally developed by physicians and neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh.

Apollo is about empowering people to take control of their health—that’s why we chose Covestro as a partner. Covestro’s premier materials ensure that Apollo users experience a clean, comfortable and long-lasting product that is just as resilient as they are.

John Maholtz

COO, Apollo Neuroscience


Find a material that withstands everyday products and wear and tear

Since Apollo is worn on the wrist or ankle, it comes into contact with lotions, perfumes and detergents. This device must also hold up against drops and daily wear and tear. Apollo needed a material that is resistant to everyday products and offers lasting durability at a light weight.

Wearables have a long checklist of needs to meet, and it all starts with the right materials.

Doug Hamilton

Global Healthcare Marketing Leader


Living in harmony with Makroblend® M525 PC+polyester blend

There’s no need to stress when using Makroblend® M525 PC+polyester blend from Covestro. This material delivers necessary toughness and chemical resistance to Apollo. As a result, users can find balance with a strong, lightweight and long-lasting wearable device.

Makroblend® M525 PC+polyester blend meets two important requirements—toughness and chemical resistance—to help Apollo users find balance with a strong and lightweight device that remains unchanged when exposed to a variety of personal care products.

Zachary Williams

Market Development, Healthcare – Polycarbonates

Why Makroblend® M525 PC+polyester blend was the right solution for Apollo

  • Tough yet lightweight Offers strength for a long-lasting and comfortable product.
  • Chemical resistant  Withstands everyday products such as lotions, perfumes and detergents.

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