Unfading support with aliphatic PU foam based on Desmodur® white

While widely used in lingerie products, existing polyurethane (PU) foams often discolor over time. As a result, lingerie designers face limited design freedom and color options. We’re helping foam makers infuse brightness and designers show their true colors with our new Desmodur® white.
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Design limitations with traditional PU foam

The right materials can make all the difference for elevating the design and aesthetics of lingerie. A foam that delivers color and light-stable properties, haptics and air permeability checks all of the boxes for bra designs. However, most designers believe it’s impossible to stop PU foam from discoloring—a process that is caused by exposure to UV light and other factors.

For this reason, they reduce the need to create styles with white or light colors, as they make the discolored foam more visible. If designers use these colors, they try to mask the discolored foam using different methods, such as adding an extra layer of lining. However, this creates an additional step and costs.

The discoloration of PU foam not only limits design freedom for lingerie garments, but also greatly impacts textile appearance. While additives can be used to address these concerns, they only work for the short-term.

Desmodur® white: A win-win for foam makers and lingerie designers

Aliphatic foam has a different chemical structure than traditional PU foams, making it a superior, long-term solution for addressing foam discoloring concerns. With this in mind, we developed a new aliphatic PU foam system with a key raw material—our modified isocyanate product, Desmodur® white AF41.

The resulting revolutionary PU foam unlocks new design possibilities thanks to its color and light-stable properties and remarkable haptics, which help to ensure lingerie looks as good as it feels. Better yet, foam makers and designers don’t have to compromise air permeability, stretch resilience and washability.

Using Desmodur® white, foam makers enrich their portfolio—adding brightness into their products with a material that doesn’t fade. Now, lingerie brands can create lighter designs that will remain true-to-color over time.

Additionally, designers may no longer need to think about adding an additional lining layer, which limits their designs. As a result, this further enhances the foam’s breathability. Even after several washes, the foam’s form, design and aesthetics remain unchanged.

We’re making a positive difference for foam makers and lingerie designers with a white, more breathable and durable foam that opens the door to more design possibilities and features superior stretch and support.

Brian Yu

Business Development Manager, Venture Development ALI Foam, Covestro

  • Unfading performance Enables enhanced design freedom with fewer color constraints
  • Remarkable haptics Soft, elastic feeling allows for beauty, support and comfort
  • Air permeability Avoiding additional lining layers improves breathability
  • Stretch resilience  Provides flexibility and support
  • Washability Foam retains its form and distinctive properties, even after multiple washing cycles

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