Device made with biocompatible Makrolon® reduces the risk of infection

Intravenous infusion-related infections are a growing problem for hospitals. Which is why Elcam Medical designed the Marvelous™ three-way stopcock device for administering IV fluids. The material they selected to enable the design was biocompatible, medical-grade Makrolon®.

Identify the right material to improve patient safety

To enhance patient safety when fluids are administered intravenously or by other means, world-leading medical equipment supplier, Elcam Medical needed to identify a biocompatible material for a product that prevents allergies, toxicity and carcinogenic effects infections being transmitted when administering IV fluids.

Make sure its tough enough to handle radiation

In addition to being biocompatible, Elcam Medical design team needed a material that could withstand disinfection with radiation. It would take a very special substance to properly enable the Marvelous™ (MRVLS) three-way stopcock. 
Elcam Medical‘s Marvelous™ three-way stopcock uses medical-grade Makrolon® Rx1805.

A Marvelous™ stopcock starts with Makrolon®

Elcam chose medical-grade Makrolon® Rx1805 for its Marvelous™ stopcock. Easily molded, transparent, and offering excellent dimensional stability, the material was an obvious choice for this precision-molded medical device. Makrolon® Rx1805 is also biocompatible, which is ideal for medical applications requiring contact with body fluids. Not least, durable Makrolon® can withstand radiation sterilization, further adding to patient safety.

Why Makrolon® Rx1805 was the right solution for the Marvelous™ three-way stopcock

  • Glass like transparency: Allows for visual monitoring of fluid transfer.
  • Biocompatible: Well-suited to applications that require contact with body fluids and infusion liquids.
  • Dimensional stability: Retains its original shape when exposed to heat or humidity.
  • Radiation resistant: Can be sterilized with high energy beams, which contributes to patient safety.

Identify the right material to improve patient safety

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