Baysafe® has a positive impact on passive safety systems

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Baysafe® polyurethane molded foam is purpose designed for impact absorbing safety components on vehicles. Ideal for exterior bumpers as well as energy-absorbing interior elements, such as knee, pelvic and head bolsters, Baysafe® is also reversibly deformable and can revert to shape after minor collisions.

In addition to protecting vehicles, passengers and pedestrians, Baysafe® ensures quality over the long term with dimensional stability that prevents components starting to squeak and rattle as they age. What’s more, the energy-absorbing foam makes highly efficient energy absorption possible independent of the direction of impact.  And when it comes to production, the insert molding of anchoring elements, bonding of supports and decorative facings allows for economical processes.

Key Benefits

  • Highly energy-absorbent: Protects vehicle, passengers and pedestrians regardless of impact direction.
  • Dimensional stability: Prevents squeaking and rattling of components over the long-term.
  • Economical production: Save with insert molding of anchoring elements and bonding of supports.

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