Cases for consumer electronics: Shaping the smart future with advanced materials

Our broad range of polycarbonates, polycarbonate blends and high-performance thermoplastic composites makes it possible to create electronic devices that are thinner, lighter and stronger than ever before. They also permit greater design freedom, high chroma colors, and countless textures for more attractive consumer products.
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Composites Maezio®: lightweight materials that enable excellent performance and unlock design freedom

Key benefits

  • Impact resistance: Highly durable when bumped or dropped.
  • Design freedom: Tailor-made colors, textures and surface effects to set your product apart.
  • Flame retardancy: Provides flame retardancy to UL94 flammability standards.
  • Chemical resistance: Offers high resistance to common chemicals.
  • Sustainable: Meets requirements on recycling eco-labels – no use of banned substances.
In addition to being highly customizable and versatile, our polycarbonates and thermoplastics allow designers and engineers to create unique smart devices that are aesthetically pleasing and resistant to impacts. These highly cost-effective and reliable materials can be used to house laptops, mobile phones, drones, smart speakers and a host of other consumer electronic devices. Our composite brand Maezio™ features products based on continuous carbon or glass fibers impregnated with polycarbonate and thermoplastic resins. These composite materials look and sound like metal and can be tuned to a similar strength while remaining 40% lighter than aluminum. This lightweight advantage and the highly coveted look of carbon fiber provide the necessary design freedom for the next generation of smart devices.

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