Decovery®: Safeguarding our planet and its people

At Covestro our purpose is to make the world a brighter place – and that starts with our core value of sustainability. It is a common thread that runs through everything we do (and have done for years). The reason is simple: we do not want to be commercially successful in a world that fails...
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It is simple: fossils belong in the ground  

We can never underestimate the impact of oil-based products on our planet and its people. When you consider the carbon cost of making these products - and the environmental impact of extracting the oil in the first place…it is a price way too high for our planet to pay. 

To put that into perspective, the world’s leading authority on this topic, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), has said that to avoid environmental catastrophe we need to reduce our carbon consumption to net zero (meaning the amount of carbon we produce is offset by the amount we absorb) - by 2050.  

If we continue our current path, it is a world where in just one generation the Arctic could be completely ice-free; where 90% of the world’s coral will be gone; and where hundreds of millions will be left homeless due to intolerably high temperatures, flood and other extreme weather conditions.   

We need to act now.  

Less fossils = lower footprint

At Covestro we want a world where high-performance coatings and inks have zero impact on the health of people and the environment – and that means accelerating the transformation towards plant-based coatings and inks. 

Decovery® is made from plant-based materials that are sustainably sourced. The Decovery® portfolio includes products with as much as 52% plant-based content – as verified by the 14C standard for complete transparency.

Key Benefits

  • More sustainably sourced Partially plant-based materials, reduced the carbon footprint
  • Verified content  Products with 52% plant-based content – as verified by the 14C standard
  • Reduced CO2 impact  Uses safer ingredients and contains very low VOC’s

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