Putting our architectural resins to the test in real-world scenarios

At Covestro, we’re always aiming to develop high-performance resins that meet our customers’ most pressing needs – as well as helping them comply with regulations and helping to keep consumers safe.
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Creating these high-performance paints is a complex process that starts with choosing the right ingredients and identifying the right techniques. Both require real craftsmanship. 
What’s more, whenever we create a new product, extensive testing is key to ensuring that it meets labeling and market standards – and to demonstrating this performance to our customers.

Providing a benchmark for our customers

This is no different for our architectural resin portfolio, which contains solutions for paints that can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray. To help our architectural customers understand the properties of the resins in this portfolio and how they compare to other resins available on the market, we carry out extensive lab testing.
For  instance, we recently tested one of these resins for König hardness, black heel mark resistance (BHMR), wet scrub resistance, weathering (QUV), adhesion, stain isolation, and chemical resistance – see the testing process in action in the video below!

Solutions you can rely on

As you’ll see from the video, we try to make our tests as applicable to real-world situations as possible. We also continuously invest in the technical expertise needed for this testing – part of the broad toolbox of advanced resin solutions within our House of Resins.
In this way, our tests give our customers the confidence that they are choosing solutions they can rely on.

“By making our tests as applicable to real-world situations as possible, we directly show customers and consumers the difference that our solutions can make in their applications.”

Craig Frankum

Technical Manager Architectural EMLA Covestro

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Key Benefits

  • Thorough: We test to ensure our resins meet the strictest requirements
  • Relevant: Simulating real-world scenarios shows our resins’ effect in a realistic way
  • Customer-centric: Testing is part of our commitment to ensuring customers can rely on our solutions
  • Well supported: We continuously invest in testing expertise and facilities

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