Railway seat backed by flame-retardant Bayblend®

Our customer, Grammer, had a request for fire-retardant railcar seatback covers that provide a safe, comfortable ride. Importantly, the covers needed to be made with a material that meets the stringent European safety standards. Our specialized Bayblend® FR411 MT matched this specification perfectly.
The Hamburg S-Bahn railway network’s railcars are heavily used. The seats need to be fire-retardant for safety reasons, as well as durable enough to withstand constant wear and tear. Train manufacturer, Bombardier tasked seat producer, Grammer, with providing the right solution for its new railcars.
Grammer uses comfortable safety-compliant Bayblend® FR411 MT for the back cover of its railcar seats.

Meet the highest manufacturing and regulatory standards

Grammer needed a material tough enough to provide durable, functional and visually appealing railcar seating, as well as one that would satisfy the high flame-retardant requirements set by the European standard for Railway EN45545.
Grammer uses comfortable safety-compliant Bayblend® FR411 MT for the back cover of its railcar seats.

A specific function requires a highly specialized material

Grammer chose our purpose-specific mass transit grade, Bayblend® FR411 MT, which was extruded and then thermoformed to create the seat back covers. This exceptionally durable material satisfies the European “Hazard-Level 2” flame-retardant requirements as per standard EN45545, set R6. And, from a design perspective, it also enabled our customer to create the desired surface grain.

Why Bayblend® FR411 MT was the right solution for the Grammer seatbacks

  • Excellent FR-ability: Meets the requirements of EN45545 for many applications.
  • Ease of use: Material is easy to process and easy to mold.
  • Design-friendly: Different textured surfaces available – as well as custom color-options.
  • Specialized: Mass transit-specific grade is perfect for rail vehicle seats, wall paneling, ceilings and fittings.
  • Impact-resistant: It’s a highly durable material that goes the distance.

Create a fire-retardant seatback cover that’s ultra-durable

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