Makrolon® supports high-resolution diagnostic imaging

Rapid-fire pictures taken by tiny cameras housed in pills that travel through the body via swallowing. That’s the idea behind capsule endoscopes used to diagnose gastrointestinal (GI) diseases. Shenyang Shangxian Technology required a biocompatible endoscope material and opted for a special grade of our Makrolon®.
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Shenyang Shangxian Technology was looking for a high-performance material for the shell of its capsule endoscope. Because patients swallow the capsules, they need to comply with stringent requirements.

Find an ingestible solution for high-resolution imaging

Our customer needed a corrosion-resistant, medical-grade material that could travel through the body without any harm to the patient. Plus, it would have to enable high-quality imaging and a large filming angle for accurate, effective GI diagnosis. 

Biocompatible, high-transparency imaging with Makrolon®

Shenyang Shangxian Technology chose a special grade of our Makrolon® polycarbonate for the endoscope shell. This versatile thermoplastic is biocompatible and impervious to stomach acid and alkaline intestinal flora. Plus, this highly transparent polycarbonate supports clear, high-resolution images for greater accuracy in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases.

Contribute to patient-friendly advancements in GI diagnosis

Capsule endoscopes are taken with water, just like medicine. Therefore, the materials have to be safe and corrosion resistant, while also allowing a large filming angle for the camera. Covestro’s polycarbonate is perfectly suited to this application.

Sun Yufeng

General Manager, Shenyang Shangxian Technology 

Why Makrolon® was the ideal solution for the capsule endoscope

  • Biocompatible Safe for ingestion and direct contact with bodily fluids.
  • High transparency: Enables clear, well-resolved images.
  • Strong & stable: Capable of withstanding strong acidic corrosive environment.
  • Sterilization-stable: Can be sterilized with various methods for even greater patient safety.

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