Disruptions in the mattress and furniture industry

Did you know that Covestro invented polyurethane foam commonly found in mattresses, bedding and soft furniture? For more than 50 years, our portfolio of polyurethane raw materials has lent outstanding comfort to mattresses, bedding, pillows and mattress toppers, enhancing quality of life…and sleep. Our team of worldwide experts has spent decades innovating with flexible foam raw materials to help consumers sleep more soundly.
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Growth in foam, emergence of e-commerce, circularity and more

A critical supplier to the mattress industry, Covestro is focused on keeping a constant pulse on the ever-changing undercurrents of mattress commerce. As this industry has become prone to innovation and disruption, we have made it our mission to track and decipher these dynamic shifts. We’re keeping tabs on industry trends, from the changing needs of consumers, to the evolution of e-commerce and mattress delivery, and ultimately, the ways in which the materials are handled at end-of-life.
Here’s what we’ve found:
In our consumer insights work, we’re exploring key macro trends within the mattress industry, including:

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