Pasquick® – fast-curing 2K technology for auto refinish coatings

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Manufacturers of auto refinish/repair coating systems are looking to enhance the efficiency of the entire repair process in order to optimize bodyshop throughput. Additionally, improving industrial hygiene standards is important for the entire coatings industry and especially in automotive refinish coatings where painters perform manual spraying jobs every day.

The polyaspartics-based clearcoats made possible by Pasquick® technology cure in minutes and are thus much faster than standard 2K polyurethane topcoats. This speeds up the repair/refinish process. Additional benefits include improved industrial hygiene and color stability of the paint as well as increased throughput thanks to ambient curing with no need for additional oven time. Low-odor knifing putties based on highly reactive aspartates and low-viscosity polyisocyanates can be formulated for easy application and rapid dry sandability. Primer surfacers based on Pasquick® technology are characterized by extremely fast dry sandability.

“For auto refinish coating manufacturers, fast-curing 2K Pasquick® polyaspartic technology offers time and energy savings while maintaining highest quality standards.”

Markus Mechtel

Marketing Manager, Covestro

Substantial savings

These systems offer manufacturers of auto refinish coating systems substantial savings in cycle times and energy consumption, while fulfilling end-users’ high quality requirements.

Why not take an in-depth look at the opportunities Pasquick® opens up for you and your customers? Download the one pager and brochure below to find out more.
  • Ambient curing No need for additional oven time
  • Low viscosity Very high solids systems, up to 250 g/l VOC
  • Improves industrial hygiene FADEE content reduced to <0.1% (FADEE = Fumaric Acid di-Ethyl Ester)
  • UV stable and weather resistant Long lifetime and protection through coating
  • Color stability of paint Long storage stability of paint
Pasquick®: Two-component fast-curing polyaspartic technology for automotive refinish coatings
Pasquick® brochure Pasquick® Polyaspartic Technology – Change the Coatings Game

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