Creating personalized car interiors with thermoplastics

We partnered with automotive parts supplier, GERHARDI in using specialized thermoplastics to create custom parts. Together, we developed a way to economically produce personalized vehicle interior components – multifunctional trim strips – to meet the needs of customers looking for something different.
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We set ourselves the task of creating trim strip components to demonstrate how innovative design concepts can become a cost-effective reality. Our goal was to show how we could assist automakers in putting customizable auto interior components on the fast track to commercialization.

Provide components that are customizable and cost-effective

Many consumers want a car interior that reflects their personal style. Cost effectively meeting this demand was a challenge for automakers. Until now. 
Cost-effective thermoplastics enable customizable automotive parts.

Create multi-functional trim strips with thermoplastics

To showcase the possibilities of our versatile thermoplastic materials - Makrolon® polycarbonate, Bayblend® resins and Makrofol® polycarbonate films - we used the variable mold technology we created with GERHARDI to develop automotive trim strip with multiple functions. These include matte or high-gloss structures; attractive colors with gloss effect; outstanding coat ability: excellent metallization; scratch resistance; and production efficiency with film insert molding.

Why Makrolon®, Bayblend®, and Makrofol® were the right solution for GERHARDI

  • Cost effective: Combining our materials with special molding technologies allows cost-efficient variation.
  • Reliable: The materials provide high dimensional accuracy and stability.
  • Strong: They ensure high impact resistance and toughness – even at cold temperatures.
  • Ultra-durable: Materials are abrasion-, weathering- and chemical-resistant.

Demonstrate the potential of trim strips made with thermoplastics

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