Innovative polymers meet market demands for future car interiors design

Drivers and passengers crave custom automotive interiors that reflect the times – with interconnected functions, dynamic lighting. Producing these elements at a reasonable cost poses a challenge for automotive engineers. Our thermoplastics and technologies provide solutions.
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As automakers turn their attention to interiors, innovative materials have the potential to deliver individual quality and comfort. Our newly developed high-performance thermoplastics fulfill current market needs for high-quality, Class A interior elements with customized features and high-tech functions. We created a model interior to showcase these timely solutions for the auto industry.

Develop custom car interiors at an affordable cost

During the development process, we addressed the challenges of matching the versatile polycarbonates (PC), as well as PC blends and films in our portfolio with the specific requirements of automotive interior components. We also identified convincing ways for automakers to produce these elements more efficiently.
Future interior concept featuring Makrolon® polycarbonate and Bayblend® grades for custom surfaces.

High-performance thermoplastics for custom interior elements

Our future interior concept features several thermoplastic solutions from our portfolio. The luxurious matte and high-gloss surfaces rely on Makrofol® HF films to provide scratchproof, chemical-resistant properties. Kinematic multi-function displays and electroplated components with integrated light functions were developed using polycarbonates and PC blends such as Makrolon® Ai and Bayblend®. Finally, process advancements such as our DirectCoating / DirectSkinning (DC/DS) technology enabled one-step production of finished parts with a custom color, surface and feel.

Why thermoplastics were the right solution for our future interior concept

  • Customizable: Available in various different colors and grades. Specially developed for high optical application such large Display cover.
  • Heat resistant: Makrolon® Ai, Bayblend® and Makrofol® all offer excellent resistance to heat.
  • Transparent: Makrolon® Ai offers excellent optical quality and glass-like transparency.
  • Stable: Makrolon® Ai and Bayblend® both offer excellent dimensional stability.
  • Scratch-resistant: Makrofol® films hold up to abrasion and wear.

Create an interior concept based on our product portfolio

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