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IMDS company IDs have 3 to 6 digits. Please do not submit login data.

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Full product designation, such as Bayblend T85 XF, Desmopan DP 3070 AU, Makrolon 2407, Makrofol DE 1-4. This information is provided on the inspection certificate.
Color Number Tooltip
Examples: 000000, 550115 or 901510. Generic names („clear“, „black“), RAL numbers or any other individual color names cannot be used.
Special Charateristics Tooltip
Product modifications, marked by a suffix such as BBS910 or MAS048 positioned after the color number. Please check the inspection certificate (product name). If not applicable, please enter “-“.
Internal Material or Article Number Tooltip
Optional entry. Cannot be added or changed once the IMDS datasheet is accepted. Not to be used for part numbers.
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For all additional information.

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