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Softcel® polyols expand the flexibility of your foam products

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Softcel® is a unique polyether polyol product line offering high-quality options for producing viscoelastic foam. It was developed to provide expanded formulating and processing flexibility for a continuous or box foam process.

The use of Softcel® polyols enables the production of a wide range of viscoelastic foam grades with consistent and superior performance properties that can be tailored for different end-use applications, for example, the production of mattress, bed-in-box or furniture foams. Softcel® based foams offer superior comfort and body heat management properties. 

Softcel® is manufactured and available in North America and currently exported to customers in Latin American and Asia-Pacific markets.  

Featured Products

Softcel® U-1000
polyether polyol for slabstock and molded viscoelastic polyurethane foam; Hydroxyl number 158-178 mg/KOH/g
Softcel® VE-1100
polyether polyol for slabstock and molded viscoelastic polyurethane foam; Hydroxyl number 116 -124 mg/KOH/g

Key Benefits

  • Product flexibility: Softcel® polyols provide the manufacturer the option to make various viscoelastic foam grades with various raw materials (MDI and TDI).
  • Customizable solutions: Formulations can be tailored to meet various end-use applications.
  • Superior comfort: Softcel® foams can be formulated to provide high airflow for optimum heat management and sleep comfort.
  • Consumer acceptance: Viscoelastic foams made with unique Softcel® polyols offer a low glass transition temperature for sleep comfort over a wide room temperature range.
  • Covestro customer satisfaction: Softcel® technology can be implemented with no to minimal capital cost and is adaptable to a continuous or box foam process.

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